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Quartiz – where skill, knowledge, innovation, and productivity converge to provide you quality PeopleSoft Support, PUM and 9.2 Upgrade Services and Business Intelligence solutions to meet your needs. We believe in leveraging technology to give you a definitive advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

With Quartiz, you will experience great ease of doing business. We incorporate a consultative approach to problem solving. Exploring and thinking out-of-the-box is a given in our work culture. Working with us will bring to your fingertips several advantages.

Dedicated Pool of Business Intelligence Engineers

We boast a dedicated pool of software engineers and support personnel with a flexible model for incorporating additional resources. A quick scale up or scale down of resources is one of the key advantages of working with us. We meet your needs as and when they surface.

Complete Transparency

Complete transparency is a focal point of all our client relations. You will get to know your offshore team members on a first name basis, will be able to engage in regular meetings, and will get timely reports on project status. 

Follow-the-Sun Model

We capitalize on zonal time difference to supplement your projects with round the clock support and development. We provide you the flexibility of choosing a team that either works at parallel with your team, or works after-hours with a few hours of overlap time for daily hand-over. This gives you the advantage of shortened life cycles and round-the-clock supporrt for your projects.

Intellectual Property Policy

 We adhere to a strict intellectual property policy. The protection of client data and property rights is a priority at Quartiz.

Lower Cost of Ownership

By partnering with Quartiz, you not only assure yourself of quality service, you also gain the added advantage of operating at a lower cost of ownership owing to the lower labor cost available around the world.

IT companies today are facing numerous challenges and need to keep in pace with market demand for survival. Quartiz Processes helps in aligning IT processes in par with the market demands for meeting everyday challenges.

We have adopted certain repeatable processes that help us improve the analysis and quality of our Business Intelligence products. It has been our experience that ineffective project management may lead to projects not meeting expectations in terms of objectives, cost, or delivery schedule. We therefore systemize the task of delivering Business Intelligence solutions through unique project management techniques.

We have phased all our developmental activities in to the following stages. 

Planning and Design

Any project starts with the Requirements analysis phase. Customers typically have an abstract idea of what they want as an end result, but not about the software that should be developed. We help them out at this stage by gathering their requirements regardless of its being incomplete, ambiguous, or even contradictory and analyze them to provide a Scope Document with the requirements neatly stated.


Once the requirements are clearly understood and conveyed to the clients, we develop a Technical design document and strive to find and remove all potential risks through careful analysis. If feasible, a prototype is constructed to assist in the process. Through this method, our clients will gain a clear picture and will be able to pro-actively suggest inclusions or modifications. 


This phase brings to life the prototype with the help of programmers who fully develop a functional application comprising of all the requirements specified by the client. 

For small projects, we may assume a complete development cycle involving coding of all the requirements as per the design, followed by end-to-end testing before commencing the actual implementation. In situations where the client is not very sure of their analytical requirements, we may adopt an Iterative or Incremental model to construct small portions of the analytical applications initially and later develop them into larger components. This will help all those involved in the project to locate or uncover potential problems or limitations at an early stage.

For large projects, we follow rapid prototyping or agile methodologies, where analytical requirements are phased out into functional units and each unit is broken into smaller steps. Within each step, a set of functional requirements will be adopted, developed and delivered in a periodic sprint. This uses a feedback rather than the planning approach, since the clients will be involved in the sprints to identify if the requirements are met and if any changes are to be taken up in subsequent sprints.


Testing is an important phase of the development process within which we aim at ruling out defects at an early stage to avoid further occurrences of defects. We prepare test cases while designing the Business Intelligence application. In addition, test reports are generated for every unit level, system and integration level of testing.

Deployment and Maintenance

Once the code has been tested and approved for release, the next phase is to deploy the Business Intelligence application live.

We provide a User document for the users to get familiar with the application and also provide training to effectively use and manage the application. 


Documentation is done in all stages of development for enabling future maintenance and enhancement. This system of documentation will enable new additions to the core team to quickly get at par with code development and changes made to the application. We ensure that coding guidelines are followed and comments are provided in the code to enable others to understand the logic involved.


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