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  Testing Services

Are you faced with repeated issues arising within the applications that you are using? You may be experiencing such difficulties due to lack of proper testing. Discovering possible bugs and errors during the testing phase is a challenge and requires skill. It is always important to locate and fix such behavioral inconsistencies in applications at the earliest.

Through our software testing services, you will be able to reap the advantages of a cost-effective on-demand testing environment. This in turn will enable you to effectively manage the spikes and depressions in testing activities.

At Quartiz, we provide on-demand software testing applications/solutions for our clients. Testing as a service requires a well-defined suite of test material and we provide it. We also provide you the flexibility of choosing to have the execution performed either at your work site or remotely from our facility.

Testing - A Process

At Quartiz, we believe in starting the process of testing at the onset of a project. By testing for defects at an early stage, it is possible to greatly reduce the cost of rework. The earlier a defect is found, the lesser the time and effort required to correct the error. It is our practice to generate test reports that can further help in the detection of possible areas of improvement in software development.

Inadequate testing is a key factor in major software errors, which results in high repair costs, including a loss of revenue, customers, market reputation and finally business. The Baziuk Study (1995) estimates the relative cost to repair a defect found in Operations to be between 470 – 880 times the amount found in the Requirements phase of the lifecycle*

*National Institute of Standards and Technology May 2002

Report Generation

Our consultants At Quartiz, we generate several useful reports such as defect reports, metrics and results that assist software developers in performing their roles efficiently. Senior Managers rely on metrics to report progress, operations, and tangible results to extrapolate future hardware requirements while developers depend on defect reports to fix their code.

Testing at Quartiz

At Quartiz, we have successfully developed an independent testing practice. We aim at incorporating organization-wide software quality by assisting our clients in:

  • Reducing defects at an early stage and helping clients by providing consistent and robust applications.
  • Avoiding time delays due to late functional changes incorporated into the requirements, design or code
  • Improving software quality by providing insight through a root cause analysis of errors.
  • Analyzing defect trends and integration of defect prevention methods to avoid defects in future endeavors

Our consultants provide end-to-end testing of client applications through:

  • A full spectrum of testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Integrated System Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing

Quartiz’s testing solutions will help prepare your products for global success.  Hiring our professional testing services will help you control cost while maximizing your return on investment by correcting all functional and programmatic errors before the application/product is released.

Our unique professional testing labs offer scalable testing processes in specialized and secure facilities under all test scenarios/loads. This combination of expert capabilities and our testing tools provides on-time, effective and consistent test results.  We will ensure that your products are tested for the business and functional requirements of global markets.


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