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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a bundle of seamlessly integrated services provided by Amazon that take your hosting, storage, networking, infrastructure and other information technology support systems to the cloud. This is known as cloud computing.

Amazon is a leader in providing IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) in cloud ecosystems. When used in combination with cloud applications, a low cost, quick to respond, scalable solution can be attained without losing out on user experience. Amazon has multiple data centers all across the globe with a smattering of data centers within each region or zone. This means that your data will always be safe as the system is robust and secured against outages.

What makes AWS amazing is the flexibility it offers in scaling your support structures according to instant or live requirements. As a business or organization, one of the challenges you may face is the unpredictable nature of traffic flowing to your website and the need to scale up as your business architecture as your userbase grows. Amazon provides a perfect amalgam of support solutions for all these needs.

Life is easier with AWS

Whether a startup or a well-established organization, most businesses face investment hiccups in purchasing servers, maintaining networks, and increasing computing power. However, with Amazon, you don’t have to pay for these upfronts, you can pay-as-you-go.

The AWS Marketplace contains a hand-picked collection of business applications that help you locate, assess, adopt, and use the appropriate tools to address your business challenges. Today, many organizations are heavily dependent on databases such as SAP and Oracle. Both of these are easier to run on AWS. Also, AWS enables Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server and other applications to run certified in production. Thus, it reduces the cost and complexity of running your apps on-premises. Some of the key technologies supported by AWS are given below.

AWS Services: A Summary

  • AWS is one of the leading platforms housing affordable, scalable and dependable infrastructure in the cloud. Having all these solutions under ‘one roof’ provides your organization exceptional response timeand capacity to change with minimal time to market and maximum efficiency. The entire net of solutions in AWS is varied and as follows:

    1. Server Configuration and Hosting (Amazon EC2)
    2. Data Storage and Movement (Amazon S3)
    3. Databases and Data Management (Amazon Relational Database)
    4. Migration and Hybrid Cloud (AWS Migration Hub)
    5. Networking (Amazon Virtual Private Cloud)
    6. Development Tools and Application Services (AWS Command Line)
    7. Management and Monitoring (AWS Config)
    8. Security and Governance (AWS Identity and Access Management)
    9. Big Data Management and Analytics (Amazon Elastic Map Reduce)
    10. Artificial Intelligence (Amazon AI Suite)
    11.  Mobile Development (AWS Mobile Hub)
    12. Messages and Notifications (Amazon Simple Queue Service
    13.  Other Services (Amazon WorkDocs, WorkMail)

What makes AWS so great?

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a secure cloud services platform offers compute-power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help your business scale and grow. There are several benefits to choosing AWS over your regular computing solution.

    1. AWS is the most cost-effective cloud platform to host websites and app data
    2. Pay-as-you-go model
    3. No long-term commitments or upfront expenses
    4. Free trial instances for small scale data
    5. Avoid upfront resource provisioning
    6. Global infrastructure for quick deployment and disaster proofing
    7. Great speed to market
    8. Runs anything– supports a large number of operating systems as PaaS
    9. Auto Scaling to handle unexpected peaks in traffic
    10. Different types of instances that fits all type of business needs
    11. All kinds of programming languages, architectures, operating systems and databases to choose from
    12. Can automate DevOps and continuous integration on AWS
    13. Support migration of legacy apps
    14. Easy troubleshooting
    15. Tight infrastructural security

Why team up with Quartiz?

  • We understand that having high-quality software and services working for your organization is one of your top priorities. AWS provides the right platform for you to seize the best of technology at the lowest of costs. It is our priority to use our experience in AWS to help you develop and refine your strategy, adopt technologies, execute your roadmap and optimize service quality. By taking us onto your team, you will have some of the best in AWS talent working for you. Some of our key distinguishing features are:

    1. Rich advisory and consulting exposure in industry
    • Synergic throughput from a dedicated and cohesive team
    • Team with an average 12+ years of rich experience which is higher than the industry average
    1. Large sets of collateral templates
    •      Huge Intellectual capital to reuse in fast track projects
    •      Repository of Test Scripts, Cutover Steps, Strategy Documents, and Upgrade Documents
    1. Dedicated team with outstanding experience
    • Cross domain, techno-functional skillset aligned to product roadmap and strategy
    • Technical, Functional, Configuration, Code Review, and Testing
    • Proficient in System Admin, DB, Upgrade Lab work, Monitoring
    • Outstanding ability to reverse engineer testing by reviewing Code; create test cases for missing documentation

There's more...

  • Quartiz in conjunction with AWS is committed to providing you the speed, agility, flexibility and versatility needed to set yourself apart from your competition, enhance user experience and build your empire. You will find out that the solutions offered by AWS when combined with the skill and capabilities of our AWS talent will give your business the momentum it needs with significant cost and time savings. Some of the highlights of this winning collaboration are:

    1. Easy-to-create PROD like instance for performance troubleshooting (a challenge now)
    2. On demand delivery of added computing power
    • Consistent / predictable performance
    • No need to guess capacity
    1. Cost savings as instance can be made available only based on usage schedule
    • Shut down and restart TEST, DEV, or CFG instances based on work hours
    1. Possible lower cost DB migration consideration for reduction in costs
    2. Better reliability and disaster recovery set up
    • Six Geographically Separated Amazon Cloud Data Centers
    1. No more hardware upgrades required
    2. No upfront capital expense, but pay-as-you-go with flexibility
    3. Enhanced Deployment Time
    • Add or remove instances quickly, removing the manual processes and increasing efficiency
    • Utilize pre-built images easily
    1. Enhanced Backup, Restore and Refresh
    • No worry about storage space to complete successful backups
    • Determine how often the system completes a backup with the click of a few buttons
    • Decreases the amount of time it takes to complete a Refresh
    1. Enhanced Performance Monitoring
    • Admins can monitor PeopleSoft applications and set alerts/notifications for areas that need reviews.
    1. Enhanced Patches/Fixes application
    • Easily deploy patches and bug fixes fasters with less down time, enhancing productivity and streamlining business processes
    1. Enhanced Clone and Scale
    • Clone existing ERP environments easily

    Applying fixes, patches and upgrade tasks on AWS will be a lot faster

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