Enhance productivity and streamline business processes with Cloud Services

Shifting IT systems to the cloud can result in reduced costs in the long run, increased scalability, and efficient collaboration across multiple locations.

Top 13 Reasons for Considering Cloud Services

Easy-to-create PROD like instance for performance troubleshooting (a challenge now)

On demand delivery of added computing power

  • Consistent / predictable performance
  • No need to guess capacity

Cost savings as instance can be made available only based on usage schedule

  • Shut down and restart TEST, DEV, or CFG instances based on work hours

Possible lower cost DB migration consideration for reduction in costs

Better reliability and disaster recovery set up

  • Six Geographically Separated Amazon Cloud Data Centers

No more hardware upgrades

No upfront capital expense, but pay-as-you-go with flexibility

Enhanced Deployment Time

  • Add or remove instances quickly, removing the manual processes and increasing efficiency
  • Utilize pre-built images easily

Enhanced Backup, Restore and Refresh

  • No worry about storage space to complete successful backups
  • Determine how often the system completes a backup with the click of a few buttons
  • Decreases the amount of time it takes to complete a Refresh

Enhanced Performance Monitoring

  • Admins can monitor PeopleSoft applications and set alerts/notifications for areas that need reviews.

Enhanced Patches/Fixes application

  • Easily deploy patches and bug fixes fasters with less down time, enhancing productivity and streamlining business processes

Enhanced Clone and Scale

  • Clone an existing PeopleSoft environments easily

Applying fixes, patches and upgrade tasks on AWS will be a lot faster

Human Capital Management Systems (HCM)

Our PeopleSoft team efficiently implement Human Resource management solutions to manage client’s Human Capital. We offer human management solutions to serve verticals such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Travel, Hospitality, and Telecommunications.
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Financials, Supply Chain & Manufacturing (FSCM)

Our solutions serve to manage critical business information, financial planning, decision making, automation and assists in mapping key business processes. We help you analyze business requirements, help adapt best business practices and identify the PeopleSoft modules that match your business processes.
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Campus Solutions System (CS)

Our PeopleSoft team helps you effectively implement Campus Solutions modules for the optimal performance of Educational Institutions in North America. We also provide Application Managed Services to assist Colleges and Schools to smoothly run all modules of Campus Solutions of PeopleSoft.
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Enterprise Performance Management System (EPM)

Our PeopleSoft team helps decision makers to plan and budget, identify key growth areas and monitor daily operations. It also enables the employees to evaluate their performance and locate key improvement areas.
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