AI based dynamic visualizations for business insight.

A complete set of services and suites for BI, Analytics, Migration, and Data Integration.

Framework Manager Modeling

  • Four layered approach
    • Data Layer
    • Logical Layer
    • Dimension Layer
    • Presentation Layer

Transformer Modeling

  • Data Format Transformations
  • Data Type Transformations
  • Data Aggregation
  • Field Rendering
  • Issue Number to Issue Entity
  • View Transformation
  • Reverse Transformation

Designing the Business Layer

  • Concept building
  • Cubes, Queries, Events, Reports and Schedules
  • Scorecarding
  • Dashboards

BI Presentation

  • Scorecarding
  • Dashboards
  • Reports

System Health-check & Recommendation

  • General parameters such as CPU, disk & memory usage plus availability quick-check
  • Audit related data plus database and report layout bottlenecks
  • PDI related types of database connections – Native v/s ODBC
  • Application server related detailed checks
  • Review of the current deployment architecture
  • Review of security framework – authentication and authorization

Setting-up Cloud Environment

  • BI and DWH setup and maintenance in AWS and Rackspace
  • Setting up Content Delivery Network for AWS and Rackspace cloud offering
  • Production Monitoring

Stress Performance Testing

  • Stress, Load & Performance testing based on enterprise specific requirements.
  • Improve response times within norms
  • Sustainability of concurrent users
  • Speed under massive load / sudden spike

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